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Tonight’s show brought to you by the divine Annabel and the flakey Fin

      Paul Zerdin – gentleman, professional, sweet, talented. Check him out on or every night at Sponge Fest: Venue: White Belly. Time: 7:15pm every night cept 17th

      Donald Hawkins – passionate about Jacques Brel – learnt singing and French in order to represent Brel’s spirit and music to packed out audiences across UK, France and Amsterdam. Venue: Sweet Grassmarket, Apex Hotel. Time: 10:30am with coffee and pastries.

      Absolutely Legless
      – Diane Newman – back from festivals in France and Spain – gave us a thrilling Irish Step Dance during the musical interlude, and tried to teach Mark Butler to get the steppin. Venue: St Bride’s Centre. Time: Friday 14th & Saturday 15th August

      Rob Rouse – absolute charmer – talked about his brilliant new show “My Family … and the dog that scared Jesus” reflecting on being a Dad, and having a strange dog

      Mark Butler – gave us a filthy run-down of his show “The Birds and the Bees”. Annabel beautifully played him out with Salt n Peppa’s torch song “Lets Talk About Sex, baby”. Venue: Laughing Horse @ The Hive. Prices: Free, voluntary contribution at the end. Time: 20:15

      Micaela Leon – Stunning german diva representing the essence & spirit of torch songs from the Weimar Republic: Lotte Lenya, Marlene Deitrich, Utte Lemper. Venue: C Venue. Time: 9.35pm Be on time, or she’ll have you on her knee!

      Damian Kingsley – with his new show “Kingsley and I”. He came with “I” in the form of Aiden … Every week, the “I” changes. Really funny guys who gave us a crackin interview while the cab was waiting to whisk them away to compere show number 62 of the night! Venue: Jekyll & Hyde, Hanover St. Time: 3:15pm. Freeee! Can do stand-up in Japanese

      Damian Kingley

      Damian Kingley


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