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Nick Coppin, of 'Shaggers' fame

Nick Coppin, of 'Shaggers' fame

Nick Coppin, comedian of ‘Shaggers’ fame.

A late night, no-nonsense show with a revolving line-up of some of the best festival comedians telling shagging stories. And dont be put off by a prejudiced laddish stereotypical view of such a show. Gay, lesbian, straight, boys and girls are all welcome and will be performing.

Nik Coppin, whose mother is English and father is from Barbados, started performing comedy in around 2000, and has since gigged in France, Germany, Spain, Austria, New Zealand and Australia.

His other show, ‘Loquacious’ is also worth checking out. Plays till 30th Aug at the Laughing Horse at Espionage at 9:20pm every night. Free, voluntary contributions at the end.

Paul Gannon - Geeks' Night Out

Paul Gannon - Geeks' Night Out

Paul Gannon, Geek’s Night Out

Geek Night Out was set up during the Edinburgh Festival 2008. During Rob Deb’s final fringe show (The Dork Knight), he decided to throw away the script (whatever that actually was) and give the audience the chance to test him on his geek knowledge. He pretty mch failed. However, the night was a success and together with the recently dumped Paul Gannon, decided to put together a comedy show that would allow stand ups the chance to talk, informatively and humourously, on the geek passion of their choice. A few months later, London saw the birth of the comedy event that is ‘Geek Night Out’. Every month GNO mixes stand up comedy, music, multimedia and passion and sees what survives. OH… and its FREE? Did we mention that yet? It’s also funny.

Does a lot for charity. Lovely fella

Gecko Theatre's The Overcoat

Gecko Theatre's The Overcoat

Gecko Theatre’s The Overcoat

They speak 9 languages in the show. Music is dead creepy. Its experiential theatre at its most unusual and challenging.

Inspired by Gogol’s The Overcoat, Gecko has created an intoxicating world where a man’s thoughts and dreams spill out into everyday life………..

Get the coat, get the girl, change the world.

Capturing the unruly spirit of Gogol’s irreverent masterpiece, this award winning company celebrates the birth of this revolutionary Russian playwright with a riotous blend of physical comedy, movement, cinematic images and evocative music.

The Roaring Boys

The Roaring Boys

The Roaring Boys – Against All Odds

by Jonathan Donahoe and Daniel Benoliel

Throughout history, there have been no winners called Tim. No heroes called Tim. One man has vowed to change that. His name is Tim. From the creators of last year’s cult hit Why We Ate Cliff Richard. Smirnoff Underbelly, Belly Laugh 6th-30th August, 3pm, Edinburgh Festival

Kim got so much closer to her dream man, Jeff Goldblum, through these guys’ connection to him

The Sunday Defensive

The Sunday Defensive

The Sunday Defensive – Friend or Foe

The bespectacled comedy double act escort you through an eclectic foray into the friendship and rivalry of a comedy partnership. ‘Friend and Foe‘.

The Sunday Defensive, Jacob Edwards and Phil Gilbert, met in a taxi on its way to A&E when they were lowly tea-making runners on Channel 4’s Popworld – Phil had somehow managed to slip a disc within his first five minutes on the job. In 2006 they hit the London circuit, performing frequently at the comedy showcase ‘Sketchatron’ at the Pleasance, Islington, before hosting their own monthly residency, ‘The Sunday Defensive’s Monday Offensive’, at the legendary London comedy venue Lowdown at the Albany throughout 2008.

Desiree Burch - 52 Man Pickup

Desiree Burch - 52 Man Pickup

Desiree Burch – ’52 Man Pickup’

New York neo-futurist with her fab free show “New York – the place that never sleeps … with the same person twice”. The beautiful Desiree brings her new solo show ’52 Man Pickup’ and gives tips to singleton Kim. Its a salacious evening of storytelling and stand-up created and performed by acclaimed comedian, writer, solo performer and New York Neo-Futurist Desiree Burch.

Unfortunately, the interview was cut short by the bitchin news.

Another fine show closes and figures larger as a vibrant part of the effervescent festival.


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