Tuesday 18th August

Posted: August 18, 2009 in podcast

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Charlotte Young - tragicom

Charlotte Young - tragicom

Charlotte Young – Twinless

Citadel Arts Group

Citadel Arts Group

Citadel Arts Group – What Women Want

John Capliss

John Capliss

John Capliss – Staff Room Stories

Paul Gladwell

Paul Gladwell

Paul Gladwell – http://www.myspace.com/paulgladwell

Charlotte Young dropped in to talk about her show Twinless. A unique spectacular centred around the death of Charlotte’s twin sister killed in a tandem bicycle accident. Sadly the uninsured tandem was also lost.

Laura and Liz , The Citadel Arts Group came to talk about their show “What women want” about Edinburgh suffragettes between the year 1909 and 1918. A collaborative work by local writers.

John Capliss is staging a show called “Staff room stories” drawing from his experiences as a supply teacher parachuted in to various adolescent war zones across Britain. An “inspirational stories of opening young minds to the wonders of knowledge” free zone! One highlight of his visit was the struggle between he and our presenter Kim to untangle their headphone cables.

Paul Gladwell isn’t nearly as moody as his photograph might suggest. Bested Jonathan with a wisecrack. Listen in to hear his witty, patronising answer to the question “What is your myspace?”. Great singer too.


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