Thursday 20th Aug

Posted: August 21, 2009 in podcast, Show
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Listen to the podcast.

Tonight’s show hosted by the effervescent Clare and peptic Jonathan, lol. By the way, tonight’s podcast is seriously in doubt due to technical difficulties (Jonathan – I’m gonna kill you!). But we’ll do our best to retrieve the podcast.

Peter Campbell-Wells

Peter Campbell-Wells

Peter Campbell-Wells – Pete’s Mental

Mentalist Peter Campbell-Wells comes to Edinburgh with the good old days of Victorian Britain, when dabbling in the occult was a respectable pursuit of the upper middle classes until TV ruined everything.

Taking the concept of occult parlour games from past to present, he presents a session of psychic-themed party games, ranging from the classics of mesmerism, through spirit communication to his own peculiar take on Psychic Charades.

Rupert Wates

Rupert Wates

Rupert Wates

Rupert has won shit-loads of awards and is thoroughly worth seeing at the Acoustic Music Centre till the 27th and listening to his songs on myspace and his website.

Rupert did a live acoustic set. But before that, in the green room, he seemed like a lovely Brit, residing in New York, after 5 years in Paris, having the time of his life … until we heard his songs … dark or what! Truly gripping lyrics with great themes and troubling witty messages. An inspirational artist.

Ben Lerman

Ben Lerman

Ben Lerman

Ben Lerman, the total twitter addict, apologised for being anti-social while he rattled the keyboards while listening to Rupert play, absorbed the back room banter, then set upon the studio with his wicked ukelele and oh-so-witty n profound n witty n dark lyrics. Check him out on YouTube and his website. Very drole.

Marga Gomez

Marga Gomez

Marga Gomez – All That Gomez

Marga Gomez joined him on the couch straight from her show at Zoo Venues. A charming, open and interested / interesting woman with an open heart and always up for fun.

As Robin Williams says, ‘Amazing … a lesbian Lenny Bruce’ As others have said, ‘A Latina Lilly Tomlin’. One of America’s first openly Queer comics seen on Comedy Central, who also appeared in Batman Forever.

  1. Rupert Wates says:

    Thanks for having me on the show guys – a pleasure to meet you all and to be part of it.
    Come down to the show this week and we can have what I think local persons call a ‘bevvy’.
    Thanks again for all you’re doing for struggling Fringers, and for the airwaves of Leith.
    Very best to all
    Rupert Wates
    AMC 6.30pm August 24-27

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