Hosted by the witty Kim and sunshine Annabel

Roland Gent

Roland Gent

Roland Gent – 9-5 Idiot

Roland ran the show for the first 15 mins.  A wickedly witty guy who gave some great advice for Leith FM on how to get their USPs sizzlin. And did a wicked John Peel impersonation.

Lots of observations about the day to day office environment and how everyone has big ambitions and dreams but we never fulfil them, well we can’t all be rich and famous can we?

After completeting a Foundation Course in Performing Arts at Chesterfield College Roland Gent started a career in radio, as a broadcast assistant on BBC GMR Talk and then Radio One. He even presented a breakfast show on Asian Sound Radio under the name Rakish! Ha ha!

Andrew J Lederer with Kim

Andrew J Lederer with Kim

Andrew J Lederer

New York comic / entertainment journalist / word whore (like us all) spiced up the show with his ragamuffin ways and scintillating fun.

Here’s an excerpt from his blog of 23rd Aug:

Some of the major reviewers are fools.

Smug buffoons who think they know where you fit in the spectrum without ever having seen you.

They don’t have to, according to their world view, because they know. And if you were worthy, they would know.

They belong to the sizable “Osmotic School” of criticism. Works a lot like the red string magic of kabbalah. (Same sound theoretical underpinning.)

When you eventually succeed, you are thought to be a poor sport if you hold a grudge. After all, things came to you in due time. Probably (they must tell themselves) you weren’t ready earlier, anyway.

Well, fuck these ignorant succubuses. As far as I’m concerned, they either buy in now or not at all. I hope I succeed in a way that tars them publicly with the bright, paisley excrement of their own clogged-up critical digestive systems.

By the way, I was pretty bad today.

Roland Gent, Colm O'Regan, Andrew J Lederer

Roland Gent, Colm O'Regan, Andrew J Lederer

Colm O’Regan – In Hindsight

The low-key, quiet-spoken, Irish chuckle-meister charmed the pants offa Annabel n Kim and ended with a round of applause.

Colm has played all the festivals – Edinburgh (“emphatically funny” 3 weeks,) Kilkenny and the prestigious invite only Montreal Just For Laughs. He has played all over Ireland and the UK and even as far away as Tokyo and Osaka…well he was passing so might as well drop in. He is also a regular at the Laughter Lounge in Dublin who describe him as having a “phD in stand up comedy!”

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue Band

So many peeps squished into such a tiny space. We had violin, cello, acoustic guitar, drums, leckie guitar playing only on 29th August at the Acoustic Music Centre at St Brides at 11pm.

Played 3 amazing live tracks live in the studio. A mixture of chinese and western influences. Incredible musicians.

Check more on myspace and




4 guitars and a drum with Ivan on Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Tambourine, Keith on Guitar/Backing Vocals/ Keyboards, Justin on Guitar, Jamie on Bass and Liam on Drums.

They’ve known each other for 17 years from high school. Edinburgh band. Local lads. Great banter. Great music. I’m sure we’ll see more of them throughout the year.

Desiree Birch with Annabel

Desiree Birch with Annabel

Desiree Birch – 52 Man pick-up

Due to popular demand, Ms Birch came back with her filthy dirty show 52 Man Pick-up. A show popular with the ladies cos its so real n visceral, but tends to make the lads a tad uncomfortable.

Desiree was a sweet, loud n raucous guest who arrived with gusto and left with many friends.


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