Tuesday 25th August

Posted: August 25, 2009 in podcast
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Hosted by super-bella Clare and super-guapo Jonathan, ha!

Demitris Deech

Demitris Deech

Demitris Deech – Hypochondriac

Mystery shopper by day, hypochondriac by night …  although playing every day at Jekyll and Hyde at around 2pm, so not really … at night.

He says, ‘I’ve worked as an Ice-Cream Man, a Civil Servant and a Financial Advisor (and – to be honest – the advice I was giving was joke; ‘Buy High, Sell Low’ – or is it the other way round? So with that, I am now – a stand-up comedian……and Mystery-shopper.’  Has appeared on Weakest Link, Blind Date This Week Next Week Show, Grandstand, Brainteaser and The Wright Stuff.

Bethany Black

Bethany Black

Bethany Black – Beth Becomes Her

Bethany Black the only out Lesbian Goth Transsexual stand-up comedian in the country shares her story,  from madness and suicide through transition and surgery to finally realising the meaning of life, a unique story from one of the most unique stand-ups on the UK circuit.

There is no room for pathos here as she will take you on a dark and twisted journey that will blow your mind make you wince and never look at the world in the same way again. If you only go to see one show by a Goth lesbian post-op transsexual then make sure it’s this one.

Bullet VI

Bullet VI

Bullet VI

Bullet VI (pronounced ‘6’ – not ‘vi’ like we dufus’ said. Luckily, before they went live) started working together as a group in August 2008. Andrew Tait and Simon Price had already worked together for a couple of years and the band used the tunes they already had as a springboard for the new sound. Ailsa and Andy came in as the vocalists and lyric writers and Iain Campbell brought his unique take on the drums.

The music is funky, with elements of rock and hip hop. Punchy heart felt rapping from Andy is augmented with soaring vocals from Ailsa, beautiful guitar parts and pumping bass lines backed by deceptively complex and layered drums. With plenty of live gigs under their belt and a set of new songs, the band is going from strength to strength in 2009 and are recording an album to be released later this year.

Monkey Poet - Matt Panish

Monkey Poet - Matt Panish

Monkey Poet – Matt Panesh

Angry poet – 7 International awards and not one review for his show. Sleeping on a floor in Stockbridge. Enjoying the festival’s debauchery and drunkeness, and loving the hikes all around this beautiful city.

Signed the ofcom regs so couldnt do any of his poetry, bar one. Awesome, brilliant, kick-ass poetry. Sends the Leith Poets back home with a quill up their jaxy

Hide Room, Argyle Pub, 15-17 Argyle Place, ED FRINGE, Edinburgh,  Cost: Donation


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