Leith Tonight was hosted by Jonathan Hartley (produced by Fin, bien sur). Podcast on its way …

Claudia Heide n Jonny

Claudia Heide n Jonny

Claudia Heide, Art Historian

First up, Claudia Heide. Dr to you. Not like, ‘I’ve got a lump’, but ‘How was Dali influenced by Goya’.

Claudia is an expert in Spanish Art, and in particular, the Alhambra-mania of the UK in the 19th century.

Such an interestin guest. We learnt that the romantic movement fell in luv with the exotic, irational, oriental, dilapidated Al-Hambra. And Islamic architecture in Spain has no domes. Minarettes, but no domes.

The British adventurers came to find the exotic, the other, and fell in love with Islamic Art (8th – 15th century Spain). She speaks Spanish, lived in Spain for 7 yrs, but German of origin. Lectures at the Ed Uni. I thought Jonathan was never going to let her go, him being such a hispanophile.

Her lecture “Alhambra-mania in Britain” is at National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound, Hawthorndon Lecture Theatre, 12.45 hr, 8th September. Check http://www.nationalgalleries.org/whatson/exhibition/5:368/6532

Ian Reddie, Artist

Next came cheeky Ian Reddie. He’s not really cheeky, but his photo makes him look like a wee imp.

A lovely guest who brought his Belgian other haff, Gina. (where would any artist be without …?) He has an exciting new exhibition at the Patriothall in Stockbridge cried ‘distance no object’.

He’s been painting for 3 years, after a 25 year break from art college. “I wanted to start painting when I finally had something to say”. His solo show runs until Tuesday 15 September.

Ian has consistently developed his abstract style since the beginning of his artistic career. His works invite the viewer to respond at an emotional level; to find their own orientation, and create their own personal narrative.  Check out his work at http://www.reddweb.moonfruit.com/

Michael Maclennon

Michael Maclennon

Michael Maclennon, Singer-Songwriter

Then, we had the sensation Michael Maclennon. Honestly? I’m not gonna say a word. Words wont do his music justice. Suffice to say he played 2 beautiful tracks on his electric joanna and got us all to shut up blethering in the Green Room.  Over to him on http://www.myspace.com/mmaclennan
He’s an Edinburgh singer songwriter pianist who’s played with Tori Amos, Rod Stewart, Hue n Cry and Judy Tzuke. And I can promise he will be a regular on our show. Listen to the show to hear regular play outs of his nascent album. You can also get him on www.michaelmaclennan.co.uk

Christina Jensen n Jonathan

Christina Jensen n Jonathan

Christina Jensen, Director of The Scottish Gallery

Finally, Jonathan finished the show with Christina Jensen.

Christina  is Director of Scottish Gallery in Dundas St in charge of ‘Objects’ and in particular, the new exhibition Colour Vision opening on Wednesday. In other words, not only hot, but smart n arty.

Onyhoo, Christina is curating Colour Vision, the contemporary glass exhibition at The Scottish Gallery from 9 September – 3 October. She even brought an object along, made by Richard Jackson. She held on to it tightly but Momo (giving technical assistance) kept moving it around to make sure the webcam picked it up, much to Christina’s alarm, as she valiantly continued the interview between clenched teeth, snatching it back … sorry, I’m exagerating …

Seriously beautiful pieces. Check them out onhttp://www.scottish-gallery.co.uk/pages/artists.aspx?categoryID=3

Thus ended another terrific show. Next one being lined up as we speak. Got any suggestions? Comments? Guest suggestions?  We are regularly on Sundays and Mondays for September on

www.leithfm.co.uk/listen or 98.8 FM if yer local to Edinburgh.

Here’s some more photos for yer scrap book


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