Sun 6th September

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Show
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Hosted by our Leith Tonight’s very own Pauline and Andrew

Calum Stewart

Calum Stewart

Fiona Campbell on ‘One Fine Day’

We kicked off the show with Fiona Campbell, organiser of Northern Streams Folk Music Festival. Fiona explained that following the sell-out performance of  Calum Stewart (pictured left, flute at the ready), Daniel Carlsson (sax) and Heikki Bourgault (guitarist) in April, they’ve added two further musicians to the mix, to form ‘One Fine Day’, a group playing a ‘fusion of traditional, jazz and chilled music’ – groooveeeee! – on 12 September at 7.30pm at The Lot, 4-6 Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

Rick Molland

Rick Molland

Sully O'Sullivan

Sully O'Sullivan

Rick Molland and Sully O’Sullivan

Then we had Leith Tonight regulars: Rick Molland and Sully O’Sullivan, gawd bless their little cotton socks. Despite having performed for the whole of the Edinburgh Free Festival (in ‘The Heresy Project’) , plus an added week after that at the Meadows Bar, the dedicated duo still found time to come into the studio to regale us with their pearls of comic wisdom.

The boys waxed lyrical about the inferences to be drawn from being a girl named Tallulah (e.g. apparently you need to undress regularly in front of an audience, preferably for money) and insisted on trying to advertise the sale of pizzas by A-Pizza-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, just because those nice people at ******** Pizzas in Glasgow sent us a text during the show.

Sully is now taking his humour on tour, whilst Rick hangs out a bit longer in his home toon of Embra, bringing FREE comedy genius to The Jekyll and Hyde on Hanover Street every Thursday evening at 9pm, along with different weekly guest comedians. Long live the ethos of The Free Fest…you don’t like? You don’t pay. Check what both guys are up to at


Hey Enemy

Hey Enemy

Hey Enemy

Finally, Hey Enemy, those bad(ish) boys of  seriously heavy, kind of alternative rock (check them out on myspace – mp3s to blow yer heid aff) came in for a blether and we had a listen to their music. Lyrics not for the faint-hearted; music not for anyone with a hangover. (Honey, it’s LOOUUUUUUDD! )But  – bit unexpected – the band were just a wee bit shy. Truly. Chet, Caspin and Jesus sat checking us out for a while, maybe to see if we have links with the ‘corporate lackeys’ whom they sooooooo despise. We don’t. Phew. Loved getting the lowdown on their lyrics, and their recording experiences. Hey Enemy are now on tour: Glasgow in September, Europe in October and Engerland in November. We wish ’em luck, and hope to have them back on Leith Tonight soon.


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