Sunday 27th Sept

Posted: September 28, 2009 in podcast
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The sensual Andrew Moir was flying solo for the first time and spreading the love and chat all through Leith from his restaurant of arts, entertainment and culture.  The guests provided a great diversity: from a fantastic arts initiative, to rocking with new instruments and a band that were just too cool.

Fay Purves


Faye Purves, Artspace2letComing out of university and finding work can be difficult, especially for artists.  Fay Purves came in to tell us about a great initiative that’s helping bridge the gap for aspiring artists and lets them exhibit their art for the first time.  Artspace2let was founded in January 2009 and is a non-profit organisation helping to promote new and emerging artists.  Currently one of the founder’s houses is being used as an exhibition space but they are already expanding and hoping to use multiple sites to help young talent show off and even sell their work.  The next exhibition will be Sunday 25th of October so check out their website for more details.

Lucky Pockets

Little Pockets
Alone they are lucky and pockets, together they are Lucky Pockets.  We were treated to a great live session from this band.  If you’ve ever wanted to hear The Holloways  2007 hit Generator performed with a ukelele,  melodica and fantastic harmonies then this is the band for you.  These guys also run an open mic night where guitars are banned.  They hope this will get away from the monotony of endless Wonderwall covers.   Listen to the podcast for more details.


Action Group

Action Group
We had the great privelige of playing Action Group’s new single Take it out and also welcoming the men themselves.  Presenter Andrew was slightly intimidated by the effortless cool of band members Dylan Mitchell, Pete Boggon and Mark Donnelly but soon won them over with his charm and pentetrating questions.  They didn’t always answer the questions but they had plenty to say anyway including how they may become the new members of The Sugababes.  They’ll be having a single launch at the wee red bar, Edinburgh on the 3rd of October.  Find more details on Action Group’s Myspace.

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