Leith Tonight came from Fraggle Rock thanks to Andrew’s obsession with children’s television of the eighties.  We had only two guests which was a wonderful opportunity to get some really in depth interviews on.

Susan Diamond – Head of Fundraising at the National Galleries of Scotland

Susan Diamond

Susan Diamond

Have you ever wished upon a star?  Well now you can own one and help Edinburgh’s Portrait Gallery for their Portrait of the Nation project.  These stars are going to be on the ceiling of the gallery and can be purchased for a competitive price compared to other pictures of stars of ceilings.  Even if you own loads of stars already don’t miss out.  Susan Diamond came by to explain all the work that is being done to raise funds for this major redevelopment of the Portrait Gallery, the first purpose-built of its kind in the UK.  It is being restored to a new level of glory and will be closed until 2012.    She also told us all about the work that artists have been doing over the summer and some visions of the future.

Stevie Christie –  Director of The Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival

Stevie Christy

Stevie Christie

This Thursday sees the launch of the annual Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival.  This festival began in 2003 screens the best of films based around adventure.  That can mean skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, mountain climbing, base jumping and many more outdoor pursuits.  Festival director, Stevie Christie explained this festival favours films with a narrative and told us about some of the films to look for .  There are around 20 showing over the weekend and some of the footage is spectacular.  Over 2,000 people are expected to attend so grab your tickets while you can. There are also a series of lectures with some amazing stories to be told.  If that’s not enough to entice you then watch this………..


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