Its not all laffs in the business of selling comedy.  Especially during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The population doubles, the atmosphere becomes mental continental, and the falling leaves of a trillion flyers are enough to make a grown environmentalist cry.

Bruce Fummey, a regular on Leith Tonight, and a huuuuge Ghana fan for South Africa’s World Cup, is going for an innovative pitch this year.  To stand out from the mauling marketing hawkers of the Royal Mile during the Festival time, Bruce has turned to Social Media for message relief.  Facebook, to be precise.

“This is my 6th year at The Fringe and, as a performer, I am under no illusions: it’s extremely tough to capture your potential audience’s attention. I am only one of 2,543 shows this year that are all being marketed simultaneously.”

“The reality is, I could spend thousands on marketing and it would still be a drop in the ocean. So I decided to turn the tables on the traditional ways of marketing and offer up my budget to those with the power to really spread the word” he continued.

Bruce is offering to GIVE AWAY his entire Fringe marketing budget to one of his Facebook fans that are helping him to spread the marketing message about his shows.

During his wickedly humorous interview on Leith FM‘s flagship arts and culture show, Leith Tonight on 16th June 2010, Bruce described the success to date. Bruce’s Facebook page, “Bruce Fummey Wants you to Win his £500 Marketing Budget” has already amassed an army of 704 fans from around the world, eager to win the cash and happy to spread the word.

The prize pot started at zero and with each fan added to the page, it rises by a penny.  Simple, but devastatingly effective.

“We’re really in this together. The more people my fans about the page, the bigger the prize pot grows.  It’s a win-win situation for both of us.  People get to hear about my shows and everyone increases the amount they can win” he said.

The winner will be selected by a live audience at Bruce’s final show at this year’s Fringe and will enjoy the £500 Bruce would have otherwise spent on more traditional forms of marketing such as advertising and printed materials.

Bruce’s show, “2012: The End of the World (It’s Not about the Olympics, Honest)” will run from 4th August 2010 at 8pm in The Beehive in Grassmarket. Tickets are available from Bruce will also be performing “About Nothing in Particular” at the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival with shows at 10.00pm in the Laughing Horse @ The Counting House.

To be in with a chance of winning Bruce’s £500 marketing budget, visit



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