Yesssssss …………… Noooooo!

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Article
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Me outside the Usher Hall

The great news is, after days of nail-biting anticipation, my Press Pass for the Edinburgh International Festival has finally been approved, woop woop!

The bad news is … it doesnt start til Sunday, boo hoo.

What’s a lass to do?  I’m going to be covering the entire Edinburgh International Festival and I cant bag me a first night ticket, grrrr.

I’m blaggin it outside the Usher Hall to no avail.  I’m contemplating frisking unsuspecting huggers, offering sex for tickets, going on the black and getting me some.

If you see me outside the Usher Hall, have pity on a poor community journalist.

Alternatively, if 20:00 arrives and I still havent scored it could all get a bit Leith.

Sigh, I guess its ok really.  I’m supposed to podcast the event, interview the stars, take reactions and vox pops but all Leith FM’s recording equipment got stolen last week (probably by a volunteer – we do take everyone without discrimination).

Means I have to actually go out to the only electrical store that stocks top quality equipment in Edinburgh (Maplins) tomorrow and buy a broadcast quality piece of high fidelity kit at over 250 quidzillios, arghhh.

Misere!  Not only a community radio journalist but a super broke community journalist catching scoops, gossip with magical insight without expenses or equipment, grrrr.

Anybody hook a girrrrrl up?It could all get a bit Leith



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