Podcast: Andrew Moir hosted Leithtonight’s Punk rock special featuring Ugly Baby and Bablylon Dub Punks

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Show
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Babylon New Dub Punks

It was a punk rock special on Leith Tonight Sunday 26th Sept, hosted by Andrew Moir.  Listen here

UGLY BABY – The loudest band in Edinburgh – were in the studio to tell us all about life in the Edinburgh music scene and we played out a couple some of their tracks.  Scott Wallace vocals and guitar, Dan Seex vocals and guitar, Doug Angelosanto bass, Liana Moran drums.

Formed through a mutual love of loud, live music Ugly Baby are the newest punk rock band to emerge from the Edinburgh music scene. With a set list full of short snappy songs you are guaranteed to leave their gigs with at least one song permanently etched into your brain, and possibly damaged hearing.

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The new and improved 4 piece BABYLON DUB PUNKS came in to share all their latest developments and play a fantastic live session.



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