Podcast: The Fire and I, C-P Productions’ Garry Boyle and Any Color Black

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Show
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Listen and download the Leith Tonight podcast from Wednesday 6th October


Brand new album from 'The Fire and I'


Annabel hosts a night of too-hot-to-handle EXCLUSIVES….

THE FIRE AND I treat us to the FIRST RADIO PLAY of tunes from their hot-off-the-press BRAND NEW ALBUM ‘Stampede Finale’….hot hot hot to trot.

Hotter still, an EXCLUSIVE play of a brand new mix of ANY COLOR BLACK‘s scorchin’ single ‘Sex and Love’…check them oot at Sneaky Petes on Saturday night.


Hooligan, drummer with The Fire and I ©James Christie


And CP-Productions‘ Garry Boyle whips off his kecks (Leith Tonight is that hot!) to tell us about the upcoming auditions for his collaborative project with the Scottish Arts Council…he actually just came wearing shorts but you get the idea. Ooooowwwww.

©Annabel Cooper


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