Scandinavian and Nordic folk stars visit Scotland

Anders Aasber, winner of Eurovision Choreography Prize 2009

1. Very hot male dancing

Anders Aasberg, winner of the Eurovision 2009 Choreography Prize will perform a Halling dance, a mixture of folk, breakdancing and streetdancing from Norway’s top dance group, Frikar

2. Norway’s sensational Folk Musician of the Year 2010

Sigrid Moldestad performs a range of exciting music, from Western fjords folk and blues to translations of Robert Burns songs.

“The songs are about love: the love you have experienced, the love you wanted to experience and of course the love that never happened!” Sigrid says.

3. Danish Folk Music Award 2009‘s Debut Album of the Year and Composer of the Year

Hal Parfitt-Murray (fiddle & voice) and Nikolaj Busk (keyboard / accordian) perform thrilling contemporary Danish folk from their award-winning ‘Hal & Nikolaj

4. Pushing forward Nu-Nordic collaborations

Fribo is a unique collaboration between Norwegian singer Anne Sofie Linge Valdal, Scottish fiddler Hannah Read and English born Ewan MacPherson on guitar. Described by Celtic Connections Festival as

“…one of the freshest and most inventive acts on the emerging ‘Nu-Nordic’ scene, exploring and creating links between British and Scandinavian traditions, with a deft peppering of wider contemporary influences.”

5.  A New Twist to Classic fiddle tunes and the nyckelharpa

Celtic Nyckelharpa Project will be performing tracks from their recently produced first album of Scotish and Irish dance music using the unique sound of the nyckelharpa (a Swedish keyed fiddle, similar to the hurdy gurdy) to produce a sound that is ancient and yet revolutionary.

Sigrid Moldestad

6. Danish Dancing, old school and new

The Dancing Danes will be showcasing competitive Danish male dances as well as couples dancing both contemporary and with old school flavours.

7. Ever fancied learning the Jew’s Harp?

Two-Hour Jew’s Harp Workshop with Ewan Macpherson one of the first ever students from Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

8. Curious about Halling?

Halling Norwegian Male Dance Workshop with top dancer and choreographer Anders Aasberg

9. Superb Slavic and Norse folklore for kids

Children’s Folklore Session with James MacDonald Reid (artistic director of the Drumalban Folk Ensemble) who will lead this Slavic and Norse folklore story-telling hour, for ages 5+

All performances at the Pleasance, Edinburgh on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April (Sunday performances in Glasgow at Glasgow University Union)

The Northern Streams Festival is part of Ceilidh Culture,  Edinburgh’s annual traditional arts festival which finishes with a street fair in Castle St and Princes St between 22nd and 25th April.

All tickets from Usher Hall, Lothian Rd, Edinburgh or or on the door.

For more information and times, see here


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