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Bursting with energy and sing-out-loud tunes, Footloose – The Dance Musical explodes into life at Edinburgh’s Playhouse Theatre.

Filled with classic 80s anthems such as Holding Out For A Hero, Let’s Hear It For The Boy and the title track, Footloose, the audience were dancing in the aisles long before the final curtain call.

The original film, (which made a star of Kevin Bacon) was based loosely on the true story of a small town in Oklahoma – Elmore City – that had banned dancing for almost 100 years.

In 1979 the 11 high school kids wanted to have a prom but it split the rural town apart. Eventually in 1980 the kids triumphed and inspired the first in a long line of high school musicals.

The musical story follows the classic tale of teen rebellion and repression. City boy Ren (Max Milner) tries to fit in with the hick town ways but gets into a lot of trouble for being an outsider and refusing to accept the town’s ordinance banning dancing.

Ren’s love interest, Ariel (Lorna Want), the daughter of a preacher man (Stephen Pinder) is going out with the town bully (Matt Willis) and becoming wayward due to the spirit of repression.  She eventually gets beaten up by her boyfriend and threatens to leave home since her relationship with her father has broken down.

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Harmony is finally restored when the town accepts they have to get with the times and embrace the challenges of modernity.

The cast were all obviously selected because of their outstanding singing talent.  With brilliantly close but individual renditions of the old classics, Jodie Jacobs (Rusty), Lorna Want (Ariel), Max Milner and Keisha Amponsa Banson (Urleen) turned in stupendous singing, dancing acting and comedy performances.

Giovanni Spano (Willard) entertained the crowds with his corn-sucking, slow-witted comedy character. The choreography and transitions were breath-takingly tight and the harmonies, duets and individual solos were some of the sweetest voices heard for a long time.

A brilliantly joyful show with toe-tapping tunes and a heart-warming cast.

Looking forward to the film remake due for release in October 2011 starring Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid.

Show: Footloose The Dance Musical, Venue: The Edinburgh PlayhouseDates: Mon 14th – Sat 19th February 2011, Tickets: £16 – £36, Times: Mon to Thurs 19:30, Fri and Sat: 17:00 and 20:30

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Do you love being single? Find yourself scowling at candy heart sweetie messages? Is red the colour of love or rage?  Do you yearn to escape Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Anti-Valentines Day invites people to rise up, reclaim the streets, bars and restaurants and celebrate being sensationally single.

On Sunday 13th Feb, Claire Daly, the Edinburgh jazz diva, hosts the 3rd Annual Anti-Valentine’s Jazz Gig at Edinburgh’s finest Jazz Bar.

The first event was a surprising triumph.  When called upon to perform on the fateful day Claire’s lip curled at the prospect of crooning for the smoochers.  While not “twitter and bisted” about being single, she didn’t want to join in with the cheesey love-fest.

Instead she chose to celebrate being a sassy singleton in the face of the romance-aholics that annually invade the city.

Rather than being an anti-cupid bash though, Claire does describe it as a fun, anti-Hallmark retaliatory, ‘we don’t have to be coupled-up’ event.

This Sunday, you will hear Close The Door On Your Way, Never Will I Marry, Amy Winehouse‘s Love Is Blind and a jazz arrangement of Beyonce‘s All The Single Ladies.

Although not single this year, Claire does not feel like an imposter.  “I’m not anti-romance, or anti-love. I’m just anti the commercial bastardisation of love”. 

Couples are not banned and singles are more than welcome, especially if they have GSOH, a vague interest in jazz and WLTM other like-minded folk, or even just enjoy the cosy Jazz Bar with Claire’s torch songs for the liberated.

Here’s a list of songs and films to celebrate your independence this weekend.

Top 10 Anti-Valentine’s Songs

  1. Bang, Bang, My Baby Shot Me DownNancy Sinatra
  2. Don’t Call Me Baby – Voice of the Beehive
  3. It’s Too Late – Carole King
  4. Bye Bye Baby – Bay City Rollers
  5. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
  6. F**k You – Cee Lo Green
  7. I Hope You’re Happy Now – Elvis Costello
  8. Foundations – Kate Nash
  9. I Never Loved You Anyway – The Corrs
  10. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

Top 10 Anti- Valentine’s Films

  1. To Die For – Husband (Matt Dillon) tells wife (Nicole Kidman) to give up career so she convinces boyfriend (Joaquin Phoenix) to get rid of him

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  2. In The Company Of Men – Two men (Aaron Eckhart and Matt Malloy) romance then dump a deaf woman (Stacy Edwards) as revenge against women in general
  3. Carnal KnowledgeJack Nicholson and Art Garfunkel have a series of bad relationships over three decades and fail cos one is too cruel and the other is too idealistic
  4. Far From Heaven – Your husband (Dennis Quaid) divorces you (Julianne Moore) for another man, ouch.
  5. Reversal Of Fortune – He (Jeremy Irons) marries her (Glenn Close) for her money, yikes
  6. Suspicion – Husband (Cary Grant) plots to kill wife (Joan Fontaine) in the Alfred Hitchcock classic
  7. Boxing Helena – Boyfriend (Julian Sands) doesn’t want girlfriend (Sherilyn Fenn) to leave so amputates her
  8. Eyes Wide Shut – Wife (Nicole Kidman) admits cheating so husband (Tom Cruise) goes on a sexual odyssey
  9. Closer – Two couples hook up and it all gets complicated
  10. Hard Candy – 14 year old girl (Ellen Page) takes it upon herself to expose a pedophile (Patrick Wilson)

The Claire Daly Quartet, featuring Paul Kirby, Jazz Bar, Sunday 13th Feb 2011, 20:30. Tickets £5/£3. Check out a selection of Claire’s songs here

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Many thanks to Stereogums for the fallen cupid image and also Zazzle for the anti-valentine card

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Further Suggestions from the Twitterati


Natural Born Killers – Boy (Woody Harrelson) meets girl (Juliette Lewis) and they become psychopathic serial murderers – recommended by @catmacphee “Greatest love story ever 🙂 (wi’ loadsa blood murder & insanity to boot)”


Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac – recommended by @skyfulofscars who did an open mike anti-valentine’s set at The Parlour, Leith

The One I love – REM …”a simple prop to occupy my time..” “not appearing on a card near you…” – recommended by @skyfulofscars